Screamland Farms


Fridays & Saturdays
September 28-November 3

Gates open at 7:00 p.m. Last victim sold at 10:00 p.m.
We remain open until all victims have perished.

You should probably start screaming ...

Come Get Your SCREAM On! Enter at your own risk!

Screamland Farms, Maryland's Premiere in your face haunt! Test your fears or just SCREAM. Screamland sends you through the shear terror of the Barn of Bedlam and the Hayride of Horrors. Have some fun with Zombie Paintball and the Escape Room.

Corrupted Corn

Barn of Bedlam

Don’t jump out of your skin.

Make no mistake...this barn will infect your wary souls with the most sadistic of experiences. Take a trip into the bayou where Voodoo reigns supreme over the weak, depraved, dead, and psychotic alike. Remain on the path of the righteous...and you may just make it back!

Haunted Woods

Hayride of Horrors

There’s no turning back!

Board the Hayride of Horrors and journey through a nightmarish world deep within the dark woods. Tremble as the unspeakable becomes reality. Hope that it’s only a dream when you meet the Woodsman. Pray you make it out alive and sane. Be warned… You are not safe!

Barn of Bedlam

Barn of Bedlam

Can you handle it?

Separate fee paid to Massacred Memories


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Zombie Paintball

Lock & Load! An infested wasteland of Zombies awaits you. Load up and roll out on a tractor pulled double-wagon zombie kill’n machine.  Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse with some target practice as the flesh eating zombies attack!

$25 for 100 rounds and one wagon ride

Escape the Woodshed


Screamland brings you an interactive, intense real-life escape experience. Work together to race the clock and solve the puzzle using logic, instinct and critical thinking to uncover the hidden mysteries to escape with your life!


Give us a scream!

No Drugs/Alcohol
No Pets
Not Recommended for Children Under 13. NOTE: Parental Discretion Advised – children are permitted, but only you know if it will give them nightmares afterwards.

Want to be part of the scare?